G-mail has been the ruler of email service providers, and has been of great use for businesses until it stopped providing the free email service for businesses almost three and a half years back.

Gmail for your domain allows you to have an e-mail id such as “[email protected]” where xyz is your website. It gives a professional look to your e-mail id and is mostly used for business purposes.

Do not worry we’ve found a way for you to still do so, just follow these simple steps to create a gmail for free on your domain.


STEP 1- Make an account on gmail, for example we have the domain name ‘bestmailfordomain.com’ so we’ve made our gmail id- [email protected]


STEP 2- Visit Mailgun.com, it is the site that allows to make a gmail for free on your domain and create an account there by clicking on ‘SIGN UP’ that you can see on the right top corner of the home page.


Fill in your information to complete the signing up process. Add your credit card details if you want it to work.


STEP 3-  You’ll get a verification email in your gmail id where in you’ll have to click on the verification link to verify your account. Post that, verify your mobile number by entering the OTP.


STEP 4- Add your domain name by clicking on Domains, and type your domain name.


Once you add your domain, you’ll get to verify your domain by following certain steps.


Visit your domain website, in our case it is name cheap, and fill in  the information as given in the ‘Add DNS record for sending’ tab. On your domain website, click on Advanced DNS to change the settings.


Add TXT Record, and click on ADD NEW RECORD to add multiple records.


Add the MX Record by copying the information as given on mailgun.com and pasting it in your domain website.


Click on ADD NEW RECORD and follow the same procedure.


STEP 5- Now visit mailgun, and check your DNS Records.


STEP 6-  Create your route for receiving e-mail by visiting mailgun.com


Fill in the details, and in the recipient blank fill the email id name that you want to use, in this case ‘[email protected]’ and in actions select forward and type the gmail id on which you want to receive these emails actually.


STEP 7- You’ll have to set the credentials for this new e-mail id on mail gun.


STEP 8- Visit your gmail and change the settings in account and import for adding another address. You’ll have to fill the new e-mail’s details and will receive a confirmation mail in your gmail id, on confirming it you’ll be able to access your new e-mail account facilities.


That’s how you’ll be able to create a free e-mail id on your domain.