It helps to have multiple versions of nodeJS installed on your system. This is typically done using nvm (node Version Manager). Since nodejs versions tend to change rapidly, there might be some features missing or incompatible in some particular versions.


To install nvm on windows, you can download it from their git repository


Once you download the for the latest version and run the installer, you can simply open the command prompt and run

nvm list

IF you see an error “ERROR open \settings.txt … ”

simply go to c:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\nvm and copy settings.txt to C:\


Then type

nvm install  6.0

(or whatever version you want to install) and it should build and install that version

To switch to a particular version, type

nvm use 6.0

This will switch to version 6.0

You can see available versions with

nvm ls

You can see what versions are remotely available

nvm ls available